Terms And Conditions


Terms and Conditions apply to any agreed hire of services/equipment or sales of any goods from Magic Touch and agreed at time of sale.

  1. All hired equipment remains the sole property of Magic Touch at all times.

  2. Magic touch shall not be held responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property cause by misuse of hired equipment. The Hiree will be held liable for any damage caused to hired equipment from neglect, interference or unneccasary handling. Any loss or damage will be charged to hiree at replacement cost of goods.

  3. Magic Touch ability to carry out any services hired, relies solely on the ability to access the venue/venues of which the event/events are taking place for planning, dressing and removal of any hired goods. Conditions of hire include adequate access to venues previous to events planned date of commence. Additional charges may be incurred for inadequate access for dressing of venue or unsociable times of access. Magic Touch will agree timescales required for access prior to dates requested. It will be your responsibility to ensure availability times are met.

  4. Magic Touch will make every possible effort to ensure Delivery and set up of hired goods for requested time by Hiree. Magic touch will attempt prompt removal of equipment hired but cannot guarantee next day/same day removal. It will be the clients repsonsibility to inform Magic Touch of any deadlines required for removal.

  5. All Hired Equipment must be retuned to Magic Touch at end of hire period. Any equipment not returned will be charged to Hiree. Any goods mistakenly returned to Magic Touch that is not property of Magic Touch the Hiree shall be informed immediately. These goods will be held for a maximum of 28 days of which after Magic Touch holds the right to dispose of any unclaimed items.

  6. Any terms agreed with Hiree which are not stated in the above will be agreed in writing or electronically with the Hiree at time of Hire.